Attack by strangers against the group PerKa at park Karatasiou


Once again we are obligated to write a press release in order to condemn an attack, this time by strangers, against our collective effort, but also against the private cars of three of our members.

Five months ago, we took the initiative to bring life to one of the buildings of the former military camp Karatasiou. The building, which was crumbling, was cleaned of debris and dirt, plastered, painted and windows were placed, in order to create an open social space, free for all the residents of the area, which now hosts educational workshops related to food, self-sufficiency, the preservation of seeds, the cultivation, nurturing and development of human relations. Simultaneously, there have been discussions for using the building as the base of a volunteer-based watch group of the former camp, after the initiative of the local Karatasiou Cultural Association. This place was named ‘Sporeio' (=seedbed). At present, with the volunteer work that has been done by our team members has led to the creation of a playground for the children, a kitchen and a large living room for our assemblies and workshops. We recently organized an event where heirloom seeds were exchanged in collaboration with Peliti (, which was very successful, garnerning a great response from the residents of the area.

On the night of March 24th, the Sporeio was plundered by strangers. They broke the door and the only glass window (the others were covered with plastic), filled the room with dust using the fire extinguisher that was in the room, turned over furniture in the living room and playground, and removed objects necessary for using this place. After leaving, they smashed the windshield and the windows of three cars of our team members, which were parked outside the former military camp Karatasou.

It is now clear that some, employing vigilante-style techniques, are at this point relying on terrorism and intimidation against the people who think differently and who are trying to give an optimistic answer to the misery of our times, resulting from individualism and the depreciation and selling out of our common goods as a society. We are sorry for them.

‘Sporeio’ will be cleaned, the furniture will be dusted, our laughter and our children’s laughter will fill the area once again. The urban farmers will continue to cultivate and organize workshops for children and adults in order to highlight the natural wealth of the park Karatasou. The park Karatasou belongs to the whole society and will remain green, free and open to everyone.

This Saturday, March 30 at 11:00 am, we will be there for the restoration of ‘Sporeio’. We will then organize a collective kitchen and a solidarity concert for our members’ damaged vehicles. We invite all those willing and able to support us.